Has anyone from the Philippines tried buying a laptop from Ebay?

Q. I am thinking of buying a laptop from e-bay US. But I am not sure if there will be customs fees once the package gets here and if the package will be sent door to door. Can anyone please help me.

A. If there is customs fee you're not going to be able to avoid it. Usually people declare it as a gift or something like that so you avoid customs fees. They can also try to declare the item as a defective return or something of the like to try to dodge the fees. But it's all up to the seller if they want to declare it or not. If they do and get caught it's a hefty fine.

What do I need to buy to get internet on an old laptop? (ebay links would be helpful)?
Q. It is an old Dell Satellite Pro 4200 with Windows XP. I have wifi in my house, but don't know how to connect my laptop to the internet.

A. Click start
Click run
type cmd then press enter
in the black window type ipconfig press enter
this will show you your network address and gateway
open IE and enter your gateway address. IE:
Enter your username and password

How can i buy laptop on eBay?
Q. How can i buy laptop on eBay if i live in Ukraine?
How much money can i save with buying it on eBay,or another internet auction, advice please what another auctions are good to buy on.
How to deliver it in Ukrain,how much time and money it will cost?
Tnk u!

A. Although you might find a laptop on eBay that is reasonable in price, you will run into a few difficulties:

1. The seller will likely wait until your payment has cleared before shipping to you. Many will not take credit cards from Eastern Europe because of the high amount of credit card fraud and chargebacks there.

2. The shipping will be relatively expensive to Ukraine.

3. You will be liable for customs duties on the laptop, and will have to pay that fee when you pick up your laptop at customs. Usually the customs fees on items like computers (to individuals) is 21% or more of the "determined value" in Ukraine.

The cost of comparable laptops in Ukrainian computer stores is not that much more than you will buy it for on eBay, if you look around.

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