How to connect Sony laptop to tv without be able to see screen?

Q. Ok, I know there is a way. My laptop screen is busted, I can't see anything. I am trying to hook it up to my tv. On my other laptop, I just plug in the VGA and reboot. Please help.

A. HDMI Cord, if your Tv is quite new it shud be able to connect!:D

How do I stop my Sony Laptop from turning itself on?
Q. When the laptop is on, there is a green indicator light; when the laptop is in sleep mode, there is a slow blinking orange light. Every night, I hibernate my laptop, close the lid and put it away. The next morning, the light is green (even though the lid is closed) and when I lift the lid, it is as though I didn't hibernate the night before.

How do I stop the computer from turning on by itself?

A. First and foremost, you remove the battery. When you turn it on, go to the power options to see if anything was not set right.As the last option, go to the Sony website and see if you can locate the device drivers or updates for power. You can then download such and reinstall. If all these don't help then I guess you have to contact Sony as it might be a hardware problem.

What do I need to make my sony laptop vgn-ns accessible to the internet anywhere?
Q. I have a HP pc at home with internet with time warner cable. I just got the Sony laptop. I want the internet on my laptop where i can access the internet anytime anywhere not just at home. What do i need to make this happen and how. I'm new to laptops can someone help please?

A. With just wireless capability, you can only access the internet outside your home by connecting to free public wireless networks (offered around coffee shops, colleges, and other high-traffic locations). To be guaranteed access in most places, you'll have to buy an expansion card (for an ExpressCard/34 slot in your case) and sign up for mobile wireless service with a phone/internet company. For example:

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