How long should I charge my new hp netbook?

Q. I have a new hp netbook with a battery life of 9 hours. How long should I charge it on a regular basis if it is turned off and I won't know the battrey status?

A. charge for 5 hours if you want the battery to be at maximum.

Why does my HP netbook show a black screen only when start up?
Q. Then you have to press F9 (to choose what to boot from) or f10 (to go to bios) or f8 (last setting that works?) it was never like this until I wiped the hardware... How to fix this? Thanks!
If I boot it again by pressing f9, it'll still go straight to windows xp.

A. check the bios settings by pressing del key or f2

Is the HP netbook computer good for watching movies/videos and surfing the net and how does it become wireless?
Q. I am looking for an inexpensive laptop,notebook, or netbook that is under 300 that I can have internet on without wires and I can dowload games, watch movies and videos, what is the best advice?
Is the netbook able to load a CD to install the internet, is a notebook better for playing a CD, surfing the net, watching movies and videos? What the difference between the two?

A. A regular HP Netbook will be able to watch movies and videos just fine, Gaming will not run on a computer under $300, you just can't get a good enough laptop with a good GPU and CPU for gaming under that price. Regular flash games will run fine, if your planning on running some 3D Games like Call Of Duty, it is not going to run at all.

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