where can i find a laptop deal on blackfriday?

Q. i need a computer that is 14 inch or less with at least 2.1 gh, 4gb, 320gb hard drive. every ad i see of the laptop is over 15 inches.

A. everywhere,

What are the best student laptop deals?
Q. I'm a junior in college and need a new laptop. All I want is one that has a long-lasting battery, plays video and music without slowing down other applications, and has a track record of being reliable.

A. If you want a personalized, reliable and quick advice, you should check out ProCompare.com (http://procompare.com/top/notebooks). They have a recommendation engine that ranks laptops and other tech products based on ratings and reviews from a community of trusted IT professionals. They also have a cool personalization slider that lets you personalize the results based on the criteria that are most important to YOU.

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Is the Student Laptop deal with the Free 4GB Xbox worth it?
Q. I'm looking for a gaming laptop which will last for a while.

Are any of the computers which come with the free 4GB Xbox worth getting when it comes to specs?

A. Just so you know, you have to be a college student for this promotion. As far as your actual question: unless I misunderstood, you can but any computer priced at over $700 (an easy mark to hit for a gaming laptop). My logic is that if you would already be buying a new laptop by itself, then the Xbox is an added bonus, but I don't like the idea of spending 700 dollars I wasn't going to spend for a $200 xbox.

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