What do I need to make my sony laptop vgn-ns accessible to the internet anywhere?

Q. I have a HP pc at home with internet with time warner cable. I just got the Sony laptop. I want the internet on my laptop where i can access the internet anytime anywhere not just at home. What do i need to make this happen and how. I'm new to laptops can someone help please?

A. With just wireless capability, you can only access the internet outside your home by connecting to free public wireless networks (offered around coffee shops, colleges, and other high-traffic locations). To be guaranteed access in most places, you'll have to buy an expansion card (for an ExpressCard/34 slot in your case) and sign up for mobile wireless service with a phone/internet company. For example:


How do you add internet to the new vaoi sony laptop with the media gallery using an Ethernet cable?
Q. I bought the vaoi sony laptop from the commercial "Media Monster vs. Justin Timberlake" and i only have wifi at my college so i can connect there but at home i have a modem. is there a way to connect to the internet using my Ethernet cable? the laptop has a wifi on and off switch, what does that switch do? will it allow me to add internet using an Ethernet cable? thank you^^

A. Just turn off the Wi-Fi button and plug in your Ethernet cable.

Is there a driver patch, or update that will allow my Sony laptop to start with a Mac keyboard attached?
Q. I have a Sony laptop that stays stationary on my desk. I have a Mac keyboard hooked up and each time I start my laptop I need to unplug the keyboard or my computer freezes before the Windows start screen. Itâs a Sony VGN-FW290 with Windows 7. Is there a driver patch or something I can download to keep this problem from happening?

A. Generally, Mac keyboards work fine on PCs. There's a few different keys named differently but it shouldn't prevent a machine from booting. It's not likely that Apple, Microsoft, or Sony have created a patch for that specific keyboard to run under Windows 7.

Best guess is there's something specific about that keyboard and that laptop (test the keyboard on another PC to see if it works, if it does the Sony or Win 7 is the issue). There could also be a BIOS setting that's causing the incompatibility. Look around in the laptop's BIOS (usually F1 or Del on bootup) and look for settings regarding USB keyboards (test changing these one at a time) and/or PnP OSes (should be enabled).

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