How to connect Apple laptop to a high def tv?

Q. I would like to connect my Macbook Pro to a couple of my high def tvs, preferably using an HDMI cable. How do I do this? What should I buy?

A. Since you didn't tell us anything about your computer, we can't really help you.

You'll need either an DVI-HDMI cable with a separate audio cable or a Mini DisplayPort-HDMI cable.

How can I watch the Rangers vs Penguins game tonight online using my Apple laptop for free?
Q. I'm overseas and I need to watch the NY Rangers game tonight, and i dont have a slingbox, so how can i watch the game online for free?

A. hockeywebcasts is good, I also recommend They pretty much always have the game.

You will need sopcast and VLC though.

How can i transfer my Itunes library from a different laptop to an apple laptop?
Q. ok so i currently have a toshiba laptop that has my itunes library with all my songs. I plan on buying an apple macbook air laptop. and i was wondering how can i transfer my songs from the toshiba laptop the the apple laptop?

A. (this is if u have an ipod/ipad) get itunes on the macbook. then put all your stuff on the ipod/pad and sync it with the new itunes. it should just put it on. if there's too much stuff then do it bit at a time.

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