What is the largest convertible ultrabook on the horizon?

Q. Requirements:

Touchscreen ultrabook that can turn into a tablet ala Asus Taichi or XPS 12 or Ideapad Yoga

13" minimum screen size (hoping there's a 15" I haven't heard of)

NOT THE YOGA, size meets minimum but am looking for anything else.

A. Hello,Here are some sites to shop at. http://www.amazon.com/b/ref=os_chrm_58?&â¦
This list should help you find what you need. Most of the stores here have brick and mortar loacations. There is no way to tell about sales...
I enjoyed your question, I have worked as a technician most of my life, I hope I have helped you...
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are ultrabook convertibles a better value than the surface pro?
Q. I recently bought a surface pro and I have been wondering if I have been ripped off

I got the 128 gb surface pro with the type cover which was about $1135,

Now, I would not have a problem with it if the specs were better....I can only play skyrim on low settings.

Is an ultrabook convertible a better value if a get one for about 900 dollars?

A. Yes a surface pro is NOT for even the slightest gaming. Try a Lenovo yoga or thinkpad convertible. They have good graphics cards are are great.

Are there any microsoft based ultrabook that's convertible to a tablet?
Q. In another words it can be hooked off the keyboard.
I don't want the Microsoft Surface.

A. Microsoft Surface: http://www.microsoft.com/Surface/en-US/surface-with-windows-rt/home?WT.mc_id=cpc_US-en_bing_mshh&WT.srch=1&semid=ef_BNG_e_4ijiotkaa3755yo20b2p_1614045083&WT.search=1
It is a tablet with a attachable keyboard.

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