Need good high end laptop comparison site?

Q. I'm looking for a high end dual/quad core laptop and want a good site that provides some comparison of the higher end graphics/desktop replacement/gaming laptops.

A. You'd probably want to check reviews of specific laptops at Tom's Hardware, CNET, Anandtech, Engadget etc.

Here's a good site for reviews/pricing on all types of notebooks:

What site do you use for laptop comparison information?

A. I like individual blogs instead of mainstream sites because sometimes they have relationships with the companies so they give good reviews instead of being honest. But I use

where are 5 electronic places that you would comparison shop for a laptop?
Q. i'd like to start comparison shopping for a laptop. could you name the top 5 places you would shop? Either online or brick and mortar. i don't mind brick and mortar because you can actually see how the keyboard feels, ettc. thanks!

A. Newegg and Tigerdirect are 2 good online places. Other's would include Amazon, Bestbuy (only should be used if you need it immediately), and browsing around on Google. Ebay can be used too buuuuut I don't trust it.

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