Is there anyplace I can sell my Effanbee doll from 1988 and get enough to buy a laptop besides ebay?

Q. I have an Effanbee I want sell to be able to buy a laptop. Is there any place besides Ebay that I could sell her on? She is a 1988 grumpy-vinyl that has never been removed from the box; the twist ties are still on her. She has not been registered, but the registration form is in the box. How much could I reasonably sell her for?

A. always and forever

If I buy an alienware laptop on ebay, can I then buy a laptop graphics card to upgrade it?
Q. Hello, i dont have the money to buy an alienware monster from their own site which cost £1000 plus. There are gud alienware laptops going on ebay for cheap, around £300, could i buy one of these and then buy a grahics card and install it?

A. If you have the sufficient skills and knowledge about Alienware products, yes, you could do it. Many Alienware laptops *do* support video card upgrades, so if you know what card to use and how to install it you can do it. Keep in mind that video cards in laptops are not the same as those in desktop machines.

How should I sell an old laptop on eBay?
Q. I have an old laptop with parts that most likely work, but I cannot test it because I cannot charge the battery. Would it be better to list the item all together for parts/not working or would it be better to list the parts separately that are in good condition?
The battery charger is missing as well as the hard drive. Since I cannot be sure if the parts work, what would be a respectable way to list them?

A. if it is over one year old it is worth nothing better to sell for parts.

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