What song is used in the Acer Aspire S3 Ultrabook - Banner Ad?

Q. Is it an original song, or does this song have a name? I think its pretty epic and I just wanted to hear the rest if there is a rest. If there is an instrumental or extended version without the people's voices, that would be fine too.

A. I heard it's a remix of the reqirem for a dream theme song according to the ad on youtube. someone there said so


if at buy an Acer ultrabook will it be able to game decently?
Q. it only has 6GB of RAM and a 500HDD the graphic card is an Intel® HD Graphics 4000, i wont be running games on the highest setting but will they at least run "smooth"
i havent bought the computer yet because im afraid if i buy it, it wont work out

A. U need to check dedicated video memory in graphic card if it is more then 100....u are all set to go......
check here.....
desktop property.....advance settings..... adapter

I purchased a acer ultrabook t and it wont get past the boot up how do I restore my pc so it actually works?

A. Follow the instructions on Acer's website on how to do a systems restore. If that doesn't work, then something's physically wrong with the unit.

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