Is there any significant features does an IdeaPad U310 Touch Ultrabook have? Please enumerate.?


A. Here is the support site Here is all the mac and apple help in one place... Ask Apple here for free
1-800-MY-Apple ,and...
Check out the sites for more information.â¦ and and Mac parts
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which of these Ultrabook features are the best?
Q. Model 1:

Intel Core 1,7
Working memory: 4GB
Hard disc 128 GB mSATA (SSD)

or Model 2:
ntel Core 1,5
Working memory: 6GB
Hard disc 500 GB SATA 5400 UPM, 24 GB express Cache

The price is the same - but how on earth can i decide???

A. Assuming you can live in 128 GB of disk and 4GB of RAM, the first one will be noticeably faster. I can't even begin to tell you how much difference having an SSD makes.

Ultrabook brand/features choice? Acer vs. Toshiba?
Q. Best Buy has two ultrabooks that I want to purchase. One is an Acer Timeline M5-481PT-6644
( )

and the other is a Toshiba Satellite u845w-s400
( )
Which brand is better? I own a Toshiba laptop now and it has never had a problem in the 3 years I've had it. I've heard that Acer is not a very good brand of computers. Opinions?

A. I would say go with the Toshiba. I have one right now and it works just fine.

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