What's the difference between Macbook, Macbook Pro and Macbook air?

Q. I am looking to buy a mac and I wanted to know what the difference is between the new Macbook, the Macbook Pro, and the Macbook Air. And if there is not really a difference then which one is better. I am a student so I wont be using it for other things like gaming. Just social networking and school work, surfing the net, and downloading music, and burning movies.

A. The main difference in the 3 computers are the processor and the casing.

Macbook is not made of aluminum but more like a hard plastic. It has a slightly slower processor and you can only upgrade to 4GB of RAM.

Macbook Pro is made of precision unibody aluminum enclosure. The processor is one of the fastest you can get in a laptop. The screen bezel is also black to make the screen color pop and make watching movies more enhanced. It includes a SD card slot, Firewire 400 & 800. The RAM is upgradable to 8GB.

Macbook Air is very light and thin. Good Processor and great keyboard and screen that's similar to the Macbook Pro. However, no firewire and no DVD drive is a major drawback for someone who wants to burn movies or create movies by importing DV video.

For a college student, I highly recommend the Macbook Pro 13" or 15".

How does iPhoto for MacBook reduce the size of uploaded pictures?
Q. When uploading photos from my iPhoto onto Facebook, it reduces the size of the photo, making it a lot smaller. Is there a way to make it so that when uploading it onto facebook, that it remains the same size?

A. no, there's probably no way, i think facebook resizes all pictures that they consider to be too large

How to connect to macbook from powermac G5 to share files?
Q. I can connect to the G5 from the macbook not the other way around. I have enabled file sharing on both computers, disabled firewalls, but just doesn't work.

A. When ever trying to connect any type of computer, It is essential to have the same operation system on BOTH computers. Even with PC, when trying to connect Vista to XP it is near impossible without the know how.

Theroetically you should be able to connect the two together, but if you don't know exactly what you are doing, then STOP NOW BEFORE YOU MESS EVERYTHING UP, bring your problem to the attention to GEEK SQUAD (TM) or APPLE (TM) and have an actual person come out and help you.

IT is NEAR IMPOSSIBLE to diagnose any issue, be it car or computer related, over the internet or phone, one would have to actually be there and see first hand what the problem is.

Also, in order to recieve any type of help, from here or any where, you would need to include more information about the problem you are having and everything you have tried, also if you don't have any experience in this or don't know at least 70% of what you are doing, then don't try it.

I run PC and love Winodws XP. I peronally hate MAC because of ALL the issues, including accidental deletion of files and disks, to the fact you cannot upgrade its hardware on your own.

Try seeking the help you require from GEEK SQUAD (TM) or APPLE (TM), not a internet based disscusion post bord.

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