Dell Inspiron 15z Ultrabook + Touchscreen User Reviews?

Q. I'm thinking about buying the Dell Inspiron 15z Ultrabook + Touchscreen. Please add your reviews on the ultrabook.

A. Computers, netbooks, phones, tablets and many other items are always being reviewed in Consumer Reports magazine...
Google for reviews and read them... Go to your Public Library or look on line and look at the last
few issues, there are several out there to pick from.
You have to get familiar with specs to be able to judge. It is best if you have not used the product or item go to the local electronic store and try it out and see if you like it...
Sony, Lenovo, Samsung and Toshiba there is little or not way to say one is better than the others it is more important to get the one that fits your needs. (I am a tech with
several years of repairing all brands.)

Source: CompTIA A+ Certified Computer Professional

Review/Opinion on Lenovo U300s (Ultrabook)?
Q. Thinking about getting it

I will be using it primary for school, but also at home.

Looking at something between $1000-1750 AUD

13 inch (portable)
Decent Battery Life (I dont care what it is advertised as - same that actually last for 4-6 hours!)

Use for word processing, some basic media as well as minimal gaming (not a priority)

I use my computer heaps and what something I can use for the final years of my schooling and into university.

Need decent specs - aiming for

A. I recommend an ASUS G Series G73SW-A1 NoteBook Intel Core i7 2630QM(2.00GHz) 17.3" 8GB Memory DDR3 1333 1TB HDD 7200rpm BD Combo NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460M

or an

MSI G Series GT683DXR-489US Notebook Intel Core i7 2670QM(2.20GHz) 15.6" 16GB Memory DDR3 1TB HDD 7200rpm Blu-Ray Burner NVIDIA GeForce GTX 570M

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